Ortakent Airport Transfers Vehicles & capacities

Bodrum Airport (BJV) Ortakent Transfer Rates

€ 45

3 People 2 Bags

Standard Taxi

€ 55

4 People 4 Bags

Superior Taxi

€ 70

12 People 10 Bags

Standard Minibus

€ 75

15 People 10 Bags

Large Minibus

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How to get from Bodrum Airport (BJV) to Ortakent

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Low-cost, safe and prompt Ortakent Airport Taxi transfers to hotels and private residences. We will take you from Bodrum Airport (BJV) to a destination of your choosing. Make Shuttle Board a quality partner for all your transportation needs

Ortakent Airport Transportation
Transfer from Bodrum Airport (BJV) to Hotel in Ortakent

Your travelling experience will be of the highest levels of comfort as we whisk you away to that very important business meeting or to your luxurious hotel accommodations.

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Spare yourself from the hassle of waiting on long taxi or shuttle queues and take advantage of our private, door to door Ortakent Airport Taxi Transfer

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Transfer from Bodrum Airport (BJV) to Ortakent Latest Booking

Sort of Vehicles

€ 45

2 Pax 4 Bags

Superior Taxi

€ 50

7 Pax 10 Bags

Standard Minibus

€ 50

5 Pax 6 Bags

Premium Minivan

€ 60

5 Pax 6 Bags

Premium Minivan

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